Friday, September 10, 2010

Sometimes 2 hearts just can't dance at the same beat.

Hello Bloggers, long time no post.
Currently busy with school, homework, and other stuffs.
I don't have that much time to blog, well i have now. KAY.

School's been fine and i'm having a day off now, well prolly all of you are having a week off or whatsoever, which i'm not and i'm cool with it. not. HAHAHA.
So yesterday i didn't went to school but i went out with Alicia then went to ECP with Aakriti. Had some talk about school and other stuffs, then i have to go to Taka had dinner in Crystal Jade then went home.
And today i went to Far East, 313 and i met EVAN. oh my lord i miss him to bits, shocked to see him there but yeah. I asdfghjkl miss you. xx (if you're reading this you have to visit me every holidays. lol)

Well did i mention Anita was here around 2 days ago? And well my cousins too. They're loud and sometimes they can be annoying but i love the silliness in them!

Took this pic just now. Love my new heart shades! xx

"I'd rather love someone I can't have, than have someone I can't love." - Nick Jonas