Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sports Day '11.

OHHAAAIIIIII, anyway, Hello February. Cheers to the month of love. Please be a kick ass month.

it was Sports Day last Friday and also the end of Semester 1.
So i'm really really excited. So basically, we are divided into 3 houses.
Changi, Sentosa, and Raffles. Changi is red, Sentosa is green and Raffles is yellow. And we went to this Stadium somewhere in Toa Payoh i think. We're all pretty excited for it, well some not. But yeah still. I had to do this high jump, but it rained that day and it was canceled which made my day. BUT, i had to do relay, which is super fun. But we lost :( it's fine. We still won the first place! Like Sentosa almost won everything.

Some pictures are not taken by me. Cause silly me, i forgot my camera. < / 3

stupid green extension!


People changes, and memories faded.

Tumblr's been pretty addicting, sorry i had to banned you for a while. Promise this is the last time.
"Don't judge me, you only see what i choose to show you."

So, i lost my phone. Got a new one atm. This is like the second time i lost a phone.
It's chinese new year tomorrow, i can't wait to get red pockets from my parents and umm... basically everyone. *dancing in joy* I have no fucking idea what to blog. Oh sorry.

I'll just post the pictures i took on Megha's birthday. It's legit fun. Everyone's dancing and singing and taking pictures, the food was so yummy and the place is awesome. :)

there it's Megha, the one in the middle.