Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's all about tonight.

HAAAAAAIIIIII. i haven't been blogging for ages. i kinda miss it. but i've been on tumblr like all the time i forgot to blog or anything. but you can always find me there so follow me and also my twitter :-)
Summer has gone by, i can't believe it's school already it feels like summer starts yesterday. man.
And if you realize i've changed school. Why? Because of my mom's job. Haha isn't it fun!!! em...not really.
You have to start all over again, trying to adapt and shit. Not easy. Especially when you really really don't like the school, and there are only 4 people in my class including me. SAHHH FUNNNNNN. -_- i seriously need to get out of this place. It's sickening, although i can't wait for Lebaran holiday!! yay. i have like 2 weeks of holiday and i'm gonna be spending my holiday with ma biffozzzzzz. I actually miss them so much, like you would never ever thought how much i miss them.

Anyway, Ji won is amazing. just thought that i should share this with you guys, and if you read this, hi jiwoooon. i miss you and all the crazy stuffs that we do. "What a beautiful day!" "Oh my lanta!" "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!*~*~*~*~*~*" having drama maths english biology art and pe together and basically everything. i love how we eat dessert first before our main course and how we have all these inside jokes and you're just truly amazing and i can't wait to see you and of course go to the zoooooooooo. L0ve y0u t0ne$$ bBz!!! we sah hipster!!! HAHAHA

i have nothing else to say. I love you truly.

HAHAHA this made my day for sure i love them to bits!

Anyways, my mom bought me strawberries yesterday. Ewks, it tasted soooooooo sour. I hate it.
And i've been watching The Glee Project and i looooooooove it. Go Cameron, Marissa and Lindsay. They're amazing. Love them, love their voices.

"The dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had."