Sunday, August 30, 2009

happy birthday my melissa :D

so, yesterday, 29 August 2009 was Melissa's birthday, so, we planned to celebrate it at megamall.

We watch pocong jalan blora, the film was okay i guess, i enjoyed it. not really, but still. okay.
So, when i arrived there, meli said : 'ketemu di xxi yah'. then i reply her text, 'okay.'
Well, we didn't actually met there, halfway to xxi for sure :]

After that we went to surya optik if i'm not wrong, hany wanted to buy a contact lens, so, we accompany her. And of course, i need one too, mine has been thrown @ starbucks. How ridiculous. T_T
and after buying the contact lenses we went to xxi to buy some movie tickets for me, icha and christy.

Hany wasn't coming with us. Then i lend my money to hany, she spend like around Rp. 400.000 just for that contact lens. jeez, can you imagine that? HAHA. :D

okay, after finished watching the movie we went to es teller to eat, i ordered nasi goreng sambel terasi *yummy*. It tastes so great that i could barely eat two plate of it. ROFLMAO.
Melissa ordered nasi goreng ikan asin and Christy ordered nasi goreng biasa. We all drink ice lemon tea. One of my favorite drinks ;)

And then Meli went home, and me and christy went to buy some :D
delicious, yummy and chilling. and we met rachel, maria, jerki and rezlie.

Then, she went home, im just with maria and rezlie but unfotunately, rezlie's dad has pick her up so she and maria went home, at first i guess. Then im stuck with jerki. They came back do you know that? Ha. Just for a couple minutes and then rezlie's dad pick her up.
Sempet juga rebutan maria ama rezlie, hehe :p
abis aku kan gamau sendirian di mega mall. Abis nada lagi nonton, and rezlie mau pulang.
kan kalo di rumah udah enak, ga usah pake ama temen juga asoy. hehe :D
kadang, emang gaseru sih.. SORRY REZLIE ;(

So, thankfully, Maria's coming with me, we sat at xxi and met nada and mutia, her sister.
Guess what? xxi's closed around 5, maybe it's because this is a fasting month so it's close.
So, we decided to waited downstairs and finally met with nada and mutia again.
and then my aunt pick me up, and maria's brother pick her up and we went home.


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