Sunday, October 2, 2011

Best Friend Day.

i got it from tumblr. and i realize that the statement is true.

Anyways, i'm so happy Melissa went to jakarta on friday and we meet up yesterday. Had so much fun talking to her, taking pictures, watched Hangover part 2 oh my god sucha funny movie and went shopping as well. :) Ah, i miss her so much. I wish she can move here and stay with me. That would be great. Anyways, we were like lost in the mall yesterday because it was 11 pm and all the shops were closed and we couldn't find the way to her hotel so we decided to take pictures and then finally we found  the way to her hotel hahaha it was so much fun <3

and this is what i wore yesterday, well first i wanted my hair up but then i was like meh, never mind i'll just let it down teehee.