Saturday, December 5, 2009

should i give up?

so, tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day, i know i know. i used to hate mondays, but not tomorrow. it's going to be FUN, well, tomorrow is actually the last day of final exam, and maybe i'm going out tomorrow, well. i keep thinking about this, this is going to be the last class meeting. how sad :( i wish things can slow down a little, but i guess not. so, i hope this is the best class meeting ever.

and btw, i watched (if i'm not wrong) yesterday. the movie was okay, but when i get into the studio, it's just the two us. i repeat, the two of us, nobody watched it except us. poor xxi. well, i'm not that shocked, cuz you know, it's like all the schools in batam are having final exam. so, no wonder.

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