Saturday, December 19, 2009

party in the USA.

HELLO BLOGGAAAAAHH. long time no post huh? yeah. so last week, well, on sunday to be exact. i went to jakarta to apply the visa to the US & Australia. and, the good news is, i got the visa to the US, but i still don't know about the Australia visa, cuz, i just applied it like yesterday and i'm so excited that i'm going to LA on 24 december, and i'll be back on january bitches (y)

and well the bad news is when my father took my report card and he asked the permission whether i could go with him to australia or not. AND THEN, mr. bengbeng said that i can't go. and i was like WTF MAAAAN. i am going. i have to go. i'm pissed man, seriously. I AM.

well, i hope that i can go to aussie with my dad, please maaan, please! :( i'm begging you.

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