Sunday, February 7, 2010

remember the first time we met?

MAAAAAAN, i haven't post anything since like around a month ago, sorry i apologized. my computer has been broken down since i went to LA, which idk why. soooooo, i'm trying to upload pictures using my dad's laptop but eeeeeekkkkkkhhhhhh, it doesn't really works -___-
going to upload all the pictures tomorrow or maybe today.

to-do list :
1. upload holiday & whatsoever pictures to facebook.
2. change my twitter avatar, bored with mine already lol.
3. going to change my blogger templates, it's 2010 ALREADY DUHHHHH.
4. going to change my tumblr layout, increasing posts & stuffs like that.
5. going to do social studs homework well project about United Nations (UN) or PBB in indonesian, ASAPPPPPPPPPP.
6. last but not least, editing pictures and stuffs like that :p

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