Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not your dummy. Get it?

1. Happy Valentine's day people. are you guys celebrating valentine's today? i hope you all did. well, i'm not sadly. but that's okay. i've spend like around whole my life alone on valentine. i'm getting used to it now, btw, i'm just going to wish you guys a HAPPY DAY on valentine and of course, happy lunar new year! :D lets just enjoy this valentine and chinese new year with joy.

2. The national exam is getting near omggggg, i'm trying so hard to calm down but still i can't. it's like around a month and the semester 2 exam is getting nearer and nearer! damn. seriously, i need to concentrate on my exam etc. wish me luck!

3. Choosing the right school and where am i going after graduating from junior high school is hard. i'm still confused about it, i haven't made my choices, it's all about my parent's choices. well, what can i say? maybe i'm going to move, maybe not. but probably i'm going to move.

4. i'm having many problems nowadays, i'm just trying to be the best as i can and don't give a shit of what people think about me, i am who i am. you like me or not it's none of my business, and i have my ups and down okay? if you're going to judge me then you better find someone else to judge. i need a friend who won't judge me, but the one who'll like me just the way i am.

okaaaaay, enough with this.

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