Friday, February 12, 2010


HELLO people, as you see. i've changed my blogger layout and header, the url and name too. it's 2010 already, my blog needs a quick changes lol. anyway, i'm having chinese new year holiday from 14th febuary till 21st febuary, but i got a LOTSA LOTSA hw, especially social studies and civics. seriously, i feel like crying when my teacher gaves us the homework. it was horrible. seriously :'( okay enough with the homework thingy, lets move on to other things. AHA, the national exam is coming in pretty much a month or maybe two, i need to concentrate and focus on my study, well i hope i can. NO, of course i can!! i have to. being me without my beloved phone confiscated for around 3 months is already a nightmare, so i must study harder and harder. i promiseeeeee! so just wish me luck, i think i need it. *fingers crossed*

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