Saturday, February 27, 2010


hello people, hello animals, hello dear friends, oh hello all.

so, today, i went to chika's and aisyah's bday party @ megamall, met many people today. well pretty much my girls & others lol. we watched wolfman which was pretty much scary, well not that scary but it frightens me like shit -__- i mean it. i screamed like a baby lol. it's like it's all of a sudden then come the wolfman guy or something. damn it. but overall, today was HELLAH FUN.
we chilled at, godiva, xxi, pizza hut. seriously i'm having so much fun today. and we took many pictures. wanna see more? check it out on my facebook.

so as you see i am having fun am i? of course i am. well, that's enough.
goodbye bloggers.

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