Thursday, March 4, 2010

you wanna wear my kiss?

hey people. yeah, i’m posting again. finallyyyy, done my 4th try outs. fiuh, going to face the national exam in like 3 weeks. ARGHH, i’m so dead peeps. my 3rd try outs came out great, well the average is still 8, sooooo i need 9 seriously need 9 for my average :( please oh please!

anyways, today was HELLAH FUN, i mean it. first decided not to go to tuition but then, i met adeline and soooo, i’m kinda have to lol :p well, first the tuition was closed, and i was like hell yeah. it’s 3 pm already and it’s closed? but then i saw the wrong clock, and there i was pretty much disappointed haha. but then we took shots & i changed my mind, then we bought ice coconut cause seriously today was effin hot.

then we saw ruben & brigette, and then we took some shots & went to bakso bengawan, ate bakso, then went to the first place —> coconut stand. haha, ruben borrowed idk who’s bicycle.

and, back to tuition. making up some lyrics, from super junior’s song.

sorry sorry sorry sorry neken neken neken neken ajeb ajeb ajeb ajeb ajeb ajeb ajeb bebeh. sorry sorry sorry sorry push up push up push up push up semi makhiong makhiong makhiong macho macho macho bebeh.

isn't that just funny huh? we caught some weird words like 'cara kencing, mesum, gogogogogo' and many more lol.

OH AND YEAH, i'm having semester test on Monday, haven't touch a thing. like seriously, i'm so desperate humans, the social studies material is way way too many, can't imagine how's the test going to be. hard, yes. easy, HELL NO. just wish me luck for that, andddddd, aaah. i almost forget, i'm going to faced the national exam in like 3 weeks. AAAAA, feeling like screaming from the top of my lungs literally actually.

anywayyyyyysss, here some pics we took.

check out more pictures on my facebook. CHAO.

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