Saturday, March 6, 2010

taraturum just dance!

hello bloggies, i'm still alive now, although it's like 10 minutes more till midnight, well i'm always awake on saturday & sunday night, it's been so boring right here. i've been online since like around 7 ish. haha, long isn't it? oh yea (y) there's nothing else i could do in this house, i'm not in the mood to text people or even calling someone or receiving phone calls.

well, i've been kinda moody this days. not in the mood to eat, except for tonight. i ate a lot. so, i have recently nothing to do so i figured out i should go online and find someone who wanted to go camming, so i have a little chit chat and seeing each other with chicka, herna and aubrey like only around 10 minutes. then they're offline, well they can't see me, idk why hmm.

so, before camming with the girls, i opened twitter as always, facebook too and tumblr. well just checking other ppl's tumblr actually aaaaaaaaaaand, i took pictures tadaaaa. been so pissed off because of mom & dad. they're always like that. i'm tired of them. sick of them, and frustrated of course!

i wish i can ran from all this shits. seriously, they never really understand the difference between now and back on their teenagers days. gah, okay, enough with this crap already. chao!

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