Thursday, February 25, 2010

cruella de vil

evening freaks, yes, it's me again sitting in front of this effin suckish computer, listening to music, opening some websites which i didn't really know what to do about it, so yeah, moving on to this little bloggy. gosh, i want a new one mommaah, a new laptop would be great enough for me tho'. have been pretty much upset with situations these days. i hope everything just works out the way i want to, which probably not going to happened. well, sometimes when really upset or maybe just sick with every thing i'm probably stuck in my room listening to some sad songs and try to be tougher than i could. sometimes it works, well sometimes it doesn't. i'm talking crap am i right now? well i got no topic to post, so you knooooooooowww.

haven't really prepare everything for the future. haven't really decided which school am i going to continue my high school year, and etccccc. it's really annoying when you can't have your rights to choose where are you going to do about your future. it sucks like edward pattinson's dick. seriously. so you know, here i am again up to my parents choices and blablabla. i don't really give a damn about it actually, but seriously, i have plans already okay about which school and where and about all the budgets. not the kind of person like me, but you know, i have preparation if they're going to listen about my opinion. i said IF.

sometimes i might not be the person who you say i'm strong enough to face everything, i'm the one who doesn't really care about how life threatened me, how everything changes, how bitches do suck, how people sometimes have a broken heart, how perfect someone wants her/his life could be like a fairy tale and all sort of things.

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