Thursday, February 25, 2010

i should just stop counting days.

so, hello again loves. been wanting to post more more more.

been wanting to buy things via online, likeeee. em? a toy camera perhaps? yeah. i want that! :) i've been so into cameras these days. idk why, i wanna buy a lomo, but i guess it's just the same. toy camera would be okay too. want it so badly cause it has this nice effect and of course cute! :)

anyway, i'm having try outs still remember? yeah, today was the last day and i felt pretty much satisfied with what i've done. the math's try out was not that hard, well. i didn't know some of questions, around 5 or maybe 6. well same with the science try out.

wow, time flew so fast huh? owhyeah, sometimes all i wanna be is just a kid. i don't have to worry about love, about breaking my heart, about having my self hurt by someone else, about your bitchy friends, about everything. all you have to do is have fun, don't give a shit about life and all it's effin problems. isn't that just great? well, i didn't say i wanna be a kid, just emm literally, like a kid. yeah. like a kid, how fun is that? :D

well, the national shitty exam keeps coming closer and closer, and i'm keeping on posting about it everyday -__- sorry to make you keep reading about this shit everytime you open this blog :p but that national exam and the other keeps creeping the hell outta me. seriously, this is how do you feel when you're a 9th grader or maybe a 12th grader. effin busy, i mean it people. i hafta prepare for it like since last month, i haven't opened my social shit studies at all, it's like it has tons of materials to be studied! oh gosh oh gosh! i'm soooo dead :(
am having try outs again & IQ test next week, i have biology test on monday, IQ test & try outs the very next day & of course the next day after it. and, i have the semester test like around in 2 weeks. OH GOD DAMN IT MAN, so effin fast ain't that? owyeah. keeping my fingers crossed freaks.

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