Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Red Pyramid.

Jello Readers! So yesterday i bought this book, it's like really thick for someone who doesn't like to read well to me it's quite thick but it's like the coolest book I've read this month.. I love the story I've read so far and can't wait to read more! The story is about a brother and a sister which they're dad disappeared (long story) on his way to catch Osiris the lord of the dead, their father want Osiris to bring their mother back from the dead. The book is about Egypt myth and Greek Gods and stuffs, isn't this just cool? I suddenly want a baboon for a pet and I'll named it Khufu, a pet cat and crocodile which i'll named them after Muffin (for the cat) and Philip of Macedonia (for the crocodile) and we'll live in a mansion in the middle of New York.
And Khufu only eat things ended with "o", such as Dorritos, Nachos, Burritos, Cheerios, Flamingos (haha i know right? but don't ask!) And Khufu love Lakers so much that he wore the Lakers shirt all the time. Now let's talk about Philip of Macedonia, he stays in our swimming pool and he got pink eyes. I know this is so not going to happen.. Well it would happen if i got a massive power which i don't but dreaming and imagining will always be fun! TEE HEE.

I've always thought that reading is fun, you know.. When you read a good book you can just fall into it the moment you saw and you read it, even if it's only the first page. Like the feeling in your head while you're reading it.  Yesterday i read the book like until it's 3 in the morning, seriously i can't stop! I want to but i don't want to. Well if i'm not that tired yesterday i would've read until i fell asleep. HA!

Wanna see the book? Here it is......
The cover is erm, not so good i think. 6 outta 10, sorry but the story is amazing i can bet!

Do i mention that i bought a new camera? I'm a little bit confuse whether it's a Toycam or a Lomo, well probably a mix of Lomo and a Toycam? It's a Golden Half. You can see the results of the pictures of a Golden Half, it's not mine cause i still got no time to print it.

And the camera looks like this! But my the different design, mine got stripes with colors.

"When you grow up, your heart dies."

keep on reading, readers!
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