Monday, July 19, 2010


Hello loves, it's been a long time since my last post huh my internet connection didn't work and I'm stuck up at home.. Bored. Somebody please H.E.L.P!! School starts around August something, probably on the 30th. It's still around a month and i got nothing to do. Been waiting for a real holiday since like forever! But mom has always been busy with her stuffs. Nyeh.

Life for me has been boring, it's like waking up, bath, tv, books, tv, eat, more tv, sleep and that again and again and again. Well before my internet connection was cut it was all waking up, bath, internet, internet, eat, tv, sleep. Well probably spend my time on the internet. And life without it was so much boring that you could ever possibly imagine.

So I'm going to Singapore tomorrow, general check ups, cleaning stuffs at home and etc. And can't wait to see the pictures! AND YES finally i printed out the pictures from my diana f+, can't wait to see how it looks.. YIPPIE, I'm feeling excited. And if it possible i wanted to buy the uniform for my new school, well just to make sure that I'm in :) Well and just to make sure you guys didn't know how diana f+ looks like, here it is.

Well my diana f+ looks just like that only mine got flash, and the colors are Pink, Blue and Yellow. I've posted like what it looks like before right? So still remember?

Okay chao, I'll post more if i got more time.
Comments or fill my cbox or whatsoever.

"IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE" - Agnes (She's is terribly cute. I love her to death!)

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