Saturday, June 26, 2010

You're like my first bad habit, I can't live without it, I can't give you up.

Hello people! I just arrived in Batam, can't believe i missed this place so much, and i miss my girls too.
So... You know i spend my holidays in Singapore doing nothing because of the school and stuffs. I want a real holiday, mom keeps pissing me off and my little brother. I can't believe he likes Justin Bieber, i mean... Like okay never mind. I failed to be a good sister. But for you beliebers no offense it's not like i hate him cause no.

So on Wednesday, Munich came to Singapore and we go hang out at Bugis and we met Michelle a! Such a coincidence, i can't believe her mom let her stay over at my house, apartment or whatsoever. And you know we had a lotta fun! I went shopping with Munich, and bought heels, some tank top cardigan and a dress. And dad bought me a new lens for my camera. I love it, it's wide something with fish eye look alike. Well the picture turns out to be like this:


So we polished our nails that night, Munich's --> Blue, Michelle a's --> Purple and mine's --> Metallic Blue i know it's kinda dark or something but i just love it. heartshearts :)

The next day we went to Bugis again and took picture at this photo box something, some of the pictures were amazing and some are just... errr... blah. And we're so stupid that we only select one picture!! I can't understand what the hell is the machine talking about, it's Japanese soo.... you know well at least some are good. And after that Michelle went home and i continue with shopping and Munich went somewhere else with her friends after that we meet up at far east (another place to spend my money :p tee hee! and finally we had our dinner at ION. The next day, i was supposed to go home but a bitch keeps on bitching and bitching and i didn't went home, and after that she's all 'goody goody' to me. Sucks.

Taylor Lautner, the love of my life! 

So, i guess with my friends around those days were good, okay I'm done with this.
Well you can check out the other pics on my facebook.
CHAO xx!

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