Saturday, June 5, 2010

I won't fall out of love.

" Don't waste your precious breathe explaining that you are worthwhile "

Hello Peeps, my holidays have been a little bit exciting, no more sitting in-front of the computer or laptop going online or editing videos for hours.. Only if i want to actually. So yesterday Michelle a stayed over at my house, she told me how to solve a Rubik's cube, but unfortunately, i still don't understand. But thanks for helping anyway! So today i went to Nagoya Hill, met few friends then off to BCS to meet Melissa. We watched Case 39, the movie was good actually, well 8.5 out of 10! So you can imagine how right? So, I'm planning to go to Brigette's house tomorrow, it's gonna be super duper fun! :D Can't barely wait. Woots. And thanks again, you've made my day. Even better.

Anyway, I'm bored. So let's talk about something random. You know what i really want right now? A PUPPY. Don't you think that they are the cutest thing in the world? YES I DO think so! Just one, oh gosh i wish my mom let me to keep a dog, but I'll get one later if i move.

Speaking of moving, the test is in 8 days and i haven't really prepared anything for maths, oh FML, what should i do? Move now? Yeah, probably should. It's just, you know my mom she keeps on bragging me to pack but when are we going to frikin go to Singapore if you didn't decide the date. I hate to say this but that's the truth. I hate being like this, but seriously I've packed my things but she didn't tell me the date so what should i do? Stay in Batam, having tuition every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Pathetic, yes i know. Gah, i should stop talking about this, sickening as always, but like it or not i have to. i had to.

" I swear the best thing is listening to someone's heartbeat and knowing it's beating because of you "

Have i told you about what i felt this week? Well not only this week, last week, last two weeks, and etc.. I felt something special, i felt different, well i felt better. Thanks to who? Yes to you.
I wish i could just draw all of my feelings and emotions here, but i don't know it's just the same as when the person you like, likes you back. But as i said, even better ;)

Well okay I'm done with this post, goodbye!
I got new video on my facebook, check it out later!
CHAO. xx

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