Monday, June 21, 2010

Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession.

Jello loves, I'm staying in Singapore today i hope this will be good. I want a Polaroid so bad and a new lens for my camera. It's too plain for me. I wish dad will buy me one, either new lens or Polaroid. Like please, i wanted a new lens like since my birthday which was last year, but i have no idea why mom said no, it's just because of some small problem but she overreacted and that's so her so what can i say? Well let's just hope that dad will buy me one tomorrow. So i watched Nightmare on Elm Street on Saturday, it was kinda scary you can say that after watching it. The movie is okay, fuck Freddy he's scary. HA HA. So anyway mom got mad at me that night, she keeps on annoying me again and again and i meant it that I'm not wrong that night, well i didn't do anything but she keeps on blaming me and getting mad at me and shouting at me. I didn't say a word, i don't want to get involve in this, tired and had enough of this kinda shits everyday and not just mom, dad too. I'm a teenager mom, so it's kinda normal. You just need to understand how teenagers think, and after all you've been in this type of situation right? I wish i had a normal life, just like others. They barely understand how i feel and keep on blaming with what i did, even if i love it or not.. They just didn't care about it, all they wanted to know is that i did what they said and they're happy with it. I wish I'm big enough to live alone, start my life with what i love, get what i deserve. I wish life would've been easier for me... It's not that i hate my life, cause no because of those shits I've become someone tougher, someone stronger, someone who tried to not give a shit of what other people think of her and just live her life. Sometimes i hate that she never understands what i love, and the fact that i just want her to understand the situation that I'm dealing with. It's not as easy as you think. I wish you would change all the attitude.

I learned that you can't buy love on eBay, you can't just put them into your chart or your wish list and buy it with your credit card, love is something. It's sometimes when we came into a person's life, not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for... Don't you want someone to love you because of that? Yeah? And it doesn't really matter how many times people said 'I love You' to you all that matter is how much they really do..

Loving someone, something or whatsoever is not a crime. It's actually you getting  Try to get an obsession, like me now. I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER, and yes I'm proud of it. HOLY CRAP THAT GUY IS A BOMB, total hottie. FIUH. 1 word, HAWT! :D i fucking love you taylor lautner, more than i love...... doner kebab. HA HA. tee hee, muah!

Well I'm not going to post to much, going to bed now. I hope tomorrow will be good, please?
Good night loves! x please comment or just fill my cbox, and I'll love you to death!

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