Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm trying to fill my head, with the thoughts of you.

Hello new life, so as you can see, I'm moving already. Not like officially moving, just temporary.
Yes, just for the tuition and after the test. So i just figured out that i got free wi-fi here. I have no idea why, but you know i should be thankful. No tv in this place, it's just swimming pool. And by the way, I've just done swimming, i feel tired but still... FRESH! I like it when i swim at night. Well it's midnight already here in Singapore, gonna go to sleep and wake up early in the morning tomorrow. I got tuition, but no idea what time is it going to be held and where. I'm just gonna wish that I'm gonna do great, not just good. It's only a week right? Yes. Amen!!

But to be honest, i miss Batam already, i can't believe i just said this, but that's the truth. I miss Batam, i miss you, i miss my house, my friends, my computer.. EVERYTHING!! :(
I wish i could just change my their minds, I'll move next year, just not now. Please? I wish i could just say this, but i don't know how to say it, and whether they'll listen to me or not. Probably not. You know i got so many things i would like to say to you guys, but i just don't know how. Okay, moving on..

So today's tuition went well, i understood every single thing that Mr. Eric told me, and but i was half awake, I'm so sleepy. And then went to take a nap and finally mom came and we go grocery shopping, it was tiring. I hate living in this place. Note that. I wish i could run away, back to Batam. It's 10 already here, I've done 6 numbers of my not-homework-but-i-have-to-do-some exercise, 6 is fine, I'll do it later if I'm not as lazy as fuck.

And by the way, I'm missing someone right now, i wish you would've been here with me, or someway else. I just need.... you? I guess? Yes, my mind says that it's you that I'm missing ;)
Well i hope that you will miss me like i do.

I wish mom would've been more understanding, she'll know how i feel now, right now. But i guess my wishes are just too complicated and too much.. Well, I'm spending my time chatting with Melissa now, conference with the others too. I missed them, so much!

PS: Listen Michelle, two damn fucking years is not that long, you can go thru it like shit, and you'll move to new york and get into yale! YES YES YES (i'm dreaming i know just to encourage myself lol. HAHAH go laugh about it.) BUT HOW COULD I FREAKING SURVIVE HERE THAT LONG IF I COULD NOT EVEN STAND A DAY LIVING IN THIS PLACE???? Can somebody help me? PLEASE? :'(

Okay, i'm done writing shits here, good night loves! x

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