Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love you to infinity and beyond!

I miss you bloggies, sorry for not posting. It's been a while i know, but I'm just too lazy to post...
I've been spending my time going out and editing videos, gosh, it's so much fun! You know i went to megamall on Friday and i did nothing but to make a video with Cinthya! That's a lot of fun, we should do it again sometimes! Check it out on my facebook page, it's the one with the title 'Baby Love Story's In My Head' simple 3 remix of songs, and i love it, go check it out and give some comments, we'll appreciate it :D

Anyway, i went to Nagoya Hill today, watched the haunting in Connecticut, it was hell no fun at all. It's not that scary and the movie was so (n) got what i mean? Yes, I'm disappointed. But whatever, something really made my day, and thanks a lot for that!
Wanna know what i wore? Let see.

So you can see there that i polished my nails pink. AHA, and still i like it! So okay, goodbye from now! And happy last day of May, hello again new month! Can't believe I'm moving on June, wish me luck... On everything! CHAO!

"And i fall in love with you, all over again"

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