Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby love story in my head.

Hello bloggies, how are ya today? I've so much fun today, so i woke up around 8.15 ish, then pick Michelle a then off to school, arrived there around 10 ish, met pak Bambang for the 'cap 3 jari' thingy after that me, Brigette, Michelle a, Cha-Cha, Evan and Adeline went to fatmawati. Decided to take brunch, i ordered mie tek - tek, it wasn't as yummy as it used to be and uuh, the orange juice tasted soooooo fresh. Well it's not orange juice, we call it es jeruk not casu It's like heaven. Then after we ate our brunch, we talked and take photos, it's a lot.

damn cha-cha look pretty in here right?? RIGHT!

After having brunch at fatma, me and adel went to Michelle a's house, do you know what we did today? Making videos, it's stupid fun and embarrassing thing to do. We laugh like so hard like dorks, but never mind, it's just the three of us in the house, then after making videos we edited it, and I'm still a little bit confused whether i should upload it to facebook or here later or not.. I'll upload it if i change my mind. And after videos, we took pictures! Stupid silly pictures..
You can see the pictures on my facebook.

Believe me, this is probably 5% of the photos, I'm uploading it now to facebook, and the internet connection is being a bitch. So stupid that it took probably more than half an hour just for those pictures, i know they're plenty, but come on, usually it's not like this. FYI i just realized that the pictures i uploaded on facebook got failed, and i have to re-upload it again. This sucks, so gotta go. CHAOxx.

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