Tuesday, May 18, 2010

you're so yesterday.

Hello again wild child, i'm back, went to Singapore on Monday which was yesterday, met ms. Shirley talking about schools and stuffs. I'm moving around next week or i-d-k-when, all i know is that i'm moving this month, well i can't wait to feel what is it to live there. Cause you know, i've had enough with this small island and all those other things in here.

So let see, i'm not in a good mood, somebody stab me on the back, then made up but still you don't feel right. What's the best thing to do? Well i know i got something in my mind, well probably you guys know it already too. But seriously, you talk about me? But you still act like every thing's fine, oh holly, well what if everything happens to you? I talk about you, stab you from the back, and did everything like you did? Oh i know i would. But i'm sick and had enough with it. This is soooo not worth it to talk about. LET'S MOVE ON!! I know i'm not supposed to talk about this, but you know it's better than i talk it behind you guys right? Which one is worse?

Well nothing much happens around here, UUH. I forgot to tell you i met SBY yesterday at Takashimaya, well in Kinokuniya to be exact. He's looking for idk what books and there are so many people around him, well it's the bodyguards like for sure, and some idk what. He's wearing batik and also those people. I'm just looking for books and i found him, not like what i expect but that's okay :p meeting the president in this kind of moment.

Anyway, my school test is going to be held on 7th of june, and i haven't started studying or touching books and stuffs. But i have to make it, seriously. I don't want to get back to this shitty town. Well i'm just going to keep my fingers crossed and do the best, i know i can!

I got nothing to do now, well i have to go take a shower, which i'm too lazy to take it and also waiting for mom, she's buying me McDonalds. YEAY. Let's eat till i drop! I can't resist it, yeah. i can't! :D i love fast food, don't you?

YUUMM YUUMMMM. I'm getting hungrier and hungrier, sorry for the quick post. Got nothing to do so i spend my time writing this. CHAOxx.

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