Sunday, May 23, 2010

I call it love, pal.

I'm bored.. Another post wont be a crime right? Well I'm bored in here, sick with Omegle, so many dicks. So, i quit with it and continue with blogger. Feels like posting on something random.. Let's think let's think!

So, i found this from some website.

And this one is super duper cute!

You know i would always wanted for someone to say i love you to me straight away, not from some chat or texts, or maybe calls. It just give more meaning.
I like browsing for pictures, quotes, pictures with writings and stuffs, sometimes the writings is just the words that i would like to say.

Do you know that love isn't an act? It's a whole life. It's staying with someone right now because he/she needs you. It's knowing you and them will still care about each other. Fights and futures when all that's on the shelf and done with. I tell you what love is, it's you on seventy five, and them at seventy one, each of you listening for the others step in the next room. each afraid that a sudden silence, a sudden cry could mean a lifetime's talk is over..

I'm lying to myself, i give myself false hope and false expectations that never match up to reality. I twist circumstances around in my mind to make them seem better than they actually are. I think too much about the smallest, insignificant gestures and blow them up like balloons and float around in this euphoric bubble of what could be and what i want to happen, and am always so let down by what I'm left with, and almost could-be, maybe situation. I think too much into a smile and catching someone's eye from across the room. I think too much into an accidental hand brushing and prolonged eye contact. I tell myself that it can still happen, and i cling into the tiniest little glimmers of hope, even though i know that there's a little itch i can't scratch that tells me that I'm wrong, and that i can't make something out of nothing. I'm living in this fantasy world, where happy endings really do exist, and the boy and girl always do end up together. I'm tricking myself into thinking that we're perfect for each other, when in reality, we may as well end up like strangers. You know if God wants you to be together for or maybe five years, it doesn't matter if one of you goes to the moon, cause you'll be back together.

You know what? Do whatever you want, well who gives a shit? I've always wanted to rob a bank, kill someone, burn my old school down, stop eating, punch someone right on their face, say fuck you in front of many people, move out from my house, change the world, throw my hands in the air in the middle of the mall because i just don't care! For god's sake breathe that fucking air and live your life, don't you ever give a shit about what people think of you.. Cause all that matter is that you believe in yourself and you do what you love. You know that the only thing that makes it part your life is that you keep thinking about it, like i think about you. But so sad that you'll never going to realize that so okay, I'm done trying. Let me know if you want me in your life. BYE.

Sorry for the bullshits and stuffs, i got nothing to do. So enough said, CHAOxx.

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