Friday, May 14, 2010

you can be the captain & i can be your first mate.

Hello world, i'm about to post about traveling and stuffs, i don't know why i choose this topic cause this is the only thing that came up in my head, plus i'm in such a bad hunger problems, so can't think of so many things. Who doesn't love to travel? Oh i know i'd love to, you can see so many things out there, so many beautiful places, beautiful scenery that you might have never thought of one. Well i would love to travel around Europe, especially Paris! Who wouldn't want to go to Paris? It's like where i wanted to be, i wish i could live there someday, or just sit there and keep my eye staring at the Eiffel tower. 1 word.. Beautiful :)

Well i got some tips for traveling:
1. Be sure to consult travel medicine experts before engaging in international travel! Like every time i'm going to places around the world i make sure that i did this immunization to avoid getting flu and some disease.

2. Be Organized.
Be sure that you already plan everything, the hotels, the transportation, and etc.

3. Don't pack your things 1 or 2 days before the trip.
It's better to pack up your things 5 or maybe 7 days before the trip, to make sure that you're all set up with your things, like clothes, jacket, pants, swimsuit and personal stuffs. Cause it's not cool when you want to swim but you don't bring any swimsuit? Right? Right.

4. Make sure you bring enough money.
If you want to shop a lot, well bring a lot of money. If you're there just to have fun and enjoy your holidays then bring enough money, not too much. Make a budget and limits.

Been wasting my holidays at home, watching tv, online, or maybe hanging out, i wanna go to some place, like Bali perhaps? Yes that will make my holiday even better. Well some place better than Bali would be okay too. I'm just wishing for a holiday, like real holiday.

Sorry for the quick post, i can't think of something better. GAH.
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