Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye April, well hello MAY!

Hello MAY. Goodbye April. Wow, time flies so fast don't you think? So, i've changed my header and layout? What do you think? Fill my cbox kay? Thanks before. I'm in the mood post some postings now peeps, random post for sure.

Well i've learned that some guys are like assholes. If you argue with him, you're hard-headed. If you're quiet, you don't care. If you call him, you're too clingy crazy, if he calls you he said you should be happy. If you don't love him, he'll try to win you, but when you do love him, he leaves. If you don't fuck him, you're a tease but if you do, you're easy. You tell him your problems he says you're irritating. If you don't, he says you don't trust him. If you lecture him, you just want to argue, but if he lectures you, it's because he cares. If you break a promise, he doesn't trust you anymore, but if he breaks it, it's because he had to. If you cheat, he expects it to be over it, if he cheats, he wants another chance. well THEY ARE BASICALLY THE SAME, i tell you. But i know that there will be that one guy that will love you just the way you are and ignore about what people say about you.

You know what sucks about falling for a guy you know you're not right for? You fall anyway because you think he might turn out to be different. Yeah, i know how it feels, okay i know i sound desperate but whatever, i'm trying to not be boring. Tell me if it's getting boring right here peeps, i'll try something even better. This is a random post, so i'm going to tell y'all whatsoever that came up, kay? okay.

My used-to daily mood schedule: well isn't that just cute?

ANYWAY. big news, the farewell party is in 2 days straight away! i know right? yes, that's fast and i'm a little bit afraid and freak out about the results, oh gosh. that's creeping me out to remember about that, oh my god!! And i bet the farewell thing is going to be f-u-n! well i hope so. *fingers crossed* yippie!

Found these, isn't these just cute? i really wanted to eat them, i wish i could. Especially the watermelon shape and look alike ice cream, i never found something like that before, or eat something like that before. oh gosh, gimme that! gimme :D

I found out that life is pretty simple, you do some stuff, most fails. Some works. You do more of that works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. Well the trick is do something else ;)
And life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. So be as creative as you can people! So create new things, don't follow people. Try to be your own trendsetter, i know y'all can.

"There will always be a lie in believe, over in lover, end in friends, us in trust, and if in life."

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