Wednesday, May 12, 2010

say it like you mean it.

hello world, i'm in the mood for some postings, so let's post some shit in here. this is a random post, just like the one below this, i can't just think about some topic, let's just see what comes up, been wanting to go home like since couple of days ago, but you know, mom got some things to handle and i'm stuck in singapore until tomorrow. i just hope that we're going home tomorrow *fingers crossed*

i came up with something about boys, this is just a random thoughts so either it's true or just something i thought and for me is true.

1. well for me, and maybe some other girls found it awfully attractive for guys wear just a t-shirt and jeans and yet they happen to look awesome in it.

2. remember guys, girls love guys who can make them laugh, it's a total shot for y'all who can make your date or your crush to laugh, well not something about you, but something you make to make them laugh.

3. i know that girls hate guys with bad hygiene, so put on that deodorant and clip those nails! nails didn't matter that much, but you have to put on a deodorant everywhere you go, especially on your date. it's a MUST!!

4. girls love it when a guy pull them close by the waist. somehow, girls felt comfortable about it.

5. girls like it when a guy smells good!! they go crazy!!

6. girls daydream about their crushes, like going on dates, holding hands, kissing or maybe getting married and uuuh having children! well they just don't show it.

7. GIRLS HATE PLAYERS. and so do i, well almost all of them hate players right?

8. guys who can sing are a major turn on, and guitarist? 1 word... sexy!

9. when a girl is upset and wants you guys to listen, she wants you to listen, don't give her advice unless she asks for it or maybe just give a little advice, don't seem like you don't effin care about her problems. cause from the day you're in a relationship with her, her problems are yours too.

10. and when a girl is crying, she feels a lot safer if you pull her close and tell her that everything is going to be alright, she just needs you to comfort her.

11. sometimes girls just wish that guys would notice just a small changes, like a new haircut or if they're wearing eyeliner or contacts. that small thing could show that you care of her.

12. girls will never say i love you unless you say it first, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't want to scream it from the top of her lungs right? :) and some girls would say it first.

13. a girl will cry over you guys a lot more than you think.

14. girls don't really like it when you think or say that other girls are hot, and some didn't mind.

15. girls hate it, absolutely hate it when guys don't keep their promises, it throws them over the T-O-P.

16. i think girls like to be told that they're beautiful rather than hot, pretty, cute, sexy, or whatsoever, it just gives more meaning.

17. girls probably talk about EVERYTHING with their girlfriends, so that means that you're possibly 90% of their conversation. and believe me, trash talking takes up most of it.

18. when girls are online, they want the guy to instant message them first, and they feel literally burn up inside when those guys don't. of course when they are messaged, they play it all cool and go like 'oh.. hey' as if they just discovered your message, but deep inside, i know that they're excited, even though it's just a "hey!"

well, i think that's all i could think, this is my opinion anyway, it's not like what i said are 100% true. but think about it, don't you think that that's like a common thing?
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