Saturday, November 28, 2009


Y'ALL KNOW WHAT? yesterday i watched new moon & the studio was so damn crowded. i met aisyah and her mother and maybe her sister. i don't see them that clear. we talked for a while, well, i say hi, and then she say hi too. i enjoyed the movie so much, especially when there's this hawtie taylor lautner. i just love him, he's so damn damn kool. 8 packs or 6 packs for GOD SAKE. can you believe that!? aaaw ♥ totally hawt~~~ yeah. of course, my boyfriend. duh.

i hate the ending, i don't know why, it's like there's no 'something' in it. it's like, hmm, if i can give a rating from 1 til 10 the ending is just 4 or maybe 5. i love it when the there's dakota fanning, she looks stunning & the way she talks and walk. i adore her. i mean it bloggies. y'all should watch that movie, it's just great & awwsuuuum ;) so, the film starts around 7.30 & finished around 9.30 anyway, thanks for accompanying me, love yaa ♥ :D

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