Thursday, October 29, 2009

flu & batuk & tenggorokan sakit & demam = FUCK.

long time no post, i miss you a lot.

so, i got two topics, good and bad news. i'll tell you the bad news first okay?

here we go,
right now i'm not feeling so well but decided to give it a shot to online for just an hour or maybe two. you know what? right now i got this fucking diseases, as you can read from the tittle. yeah, it's just damn irritating isn't it? and now i'm coughing till death. i think the flu thingy is getting okay, but not FINE. i got tution this evening at 7 exactly, i still don't feel so well and i don't know if maybe i should go or something.

and now for the good news is,
charitas and djuwita is going to have a football match thingy, we called it 'tanding futsal' wohoo.
i am so god damn happy for this, that means i can meet my sistas. I miss damn so much, i mean it. really.

okaaay, i think this is all the end of my shit, gonna post what happened on saturday.

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