Friday, October 23, 2009

i wish i'm dead or something.

ah, today wasn't good at ALL. i got so pissed and cry in the class, but first i think nobody notice it. then damian said 'jangan nangis' or something and then vanessa said 'michelle, kenapa?'. then mr. bengbeng said 'kamu kenapa chell?' and it was like the whole class looking at me.
i'm sorry to christy, i'm just in a really-really bad mood so i kinda ignored you or mad or something. sorry, i didn't mean that way. then when i went home my mom ask me to joing a program, i don't know what program. i hate the fact that i MUST go. it's just so sickening, doesn't it? YEAH. it was.
and she's like mad at me, trying to say she didn't forced me to do so, if i don't want to so whatever.
i mean the program is like tomorrow and sunday. i got exams bitch. i have to study! i hate you so much i repeat, SO MUCH!
okay, now i'm gonna need to calm down a sec, and try to relax. i know i'm stronger than this.

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