Thursday, October 15, 2009

loving you is so damn hard.

hello, just got back from school, and now i'm sitting infront of my dad's laptop while texting with sisko. i'm so exhausted, you gotta know how exhausted it is to live a life like mine. got up 7 in the morning, and went home at 3 pm. could you just believe that?! well, i'm luckier than the dj's student, they went home at 5. LOL.

so, i got biology test tomorrow, i'm so tired to study, i still wanna upload my pics, but the internet connection is so slow, how can i ever upload my pics then!?
and just for the information, school's internet connection was like a shit too. so damn slow. oh god damn it.

and the weather, it's so hot right now, idk why but i feel so damn hot.
oh batam, how could you be colder?!

okay, that's all of my shits.

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