Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful is spelled Y.O.U!

well here I am sitting in front of the computer writing this post about yesterday, as I promised remember? well you would if you read my last post..

yesterday turns out quite fun, had few laughs with Ayu and Tazia. oops, iIforgot about Sekti, aaah, he's such a pervert seriously. ohkaaay so it didn't turns out the way I planned. Ruben left me alone (that hurts FYI), so I spend around 30 minutes in XXI sitting with strangers and drinking lemon tea, uuu and I forgot 2 things, first: went online with my phone, trying to look busy which I'm absolutely not. and the second thing is texting people who could probably stay with me for maybe an hour or more. turns out, I got nothing. And, after that, I went downstairs to Solaria and meet up with Chacha, Evan, Munich and the others. I thought they're gone home already but they haven't, so we were having this chit - chat and finally dad called me, he said he's downstairs already, and so I rush up to meet him. But, he actually let me to watch again, but I didn't watch anything tho'. how sad :(

okay let's move on...

the movie was okay, well good enough, I love toothless. he is extremely cute! I love his eyes, it's like sooooo big. I've always wanted a big eyes, it makes something looks cuter. like toothless for example. you guys should watch it. TEE HEE!!

Didn't took pictures that much, just some of them, and it's not me who took it, it's Ayu.. so if you wanna see the pics, you could open her profile on facebook, or maybe she'll upload it to blogger. well i don't know much about that.

So, wanna know about what i wore yesterday?? well, whatever.. I'll tell you since i don't know what to post next.

I wore:
1. blue polcadot print high waist. (cotton on)
2. abstract tank top. (bought it @ mangdu)
3. black high cut converse. (singapore vivo converse store)
4. my mom's vintage necklace. (kelapa gading, jakarta)
5. studed leather bag, the color's creamy-ish something by the waaaay. (hongkong)
6. blue cardigan (forever 21)

wellllll, I don't have the picture.. sorry for that, there's no one in this house who could probably be my photographer. i'll post one later, IF I've found one!

Okay, till here.
AND, Happy Easter everyone!

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