Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dirty Pretty Things.

I've always wanted a big closet or a big wardrobe with so many clothes in there, it would be cool, really. Well don't you think so girls? I've always wanted to have this big closet with many cupboards, each cupboard has it's own color, types, and stuffs like that. Like if i have closet A, it's for vintage & retro clothes & stuffs, closet B for studded things, closet C for pastel colors, and closet D for shocking theme colors (oh i love shocking colors, like for example shocking green, or blue!! or maybe pink.) yeah well something like that i could say..


going to try new effects, bokeh effect to be exact. it's kinda hard but let's just see if i could made a picture to turns to be something with bokeh effect. it's kinda simple, but i don't know if i could make something like it or not, gah lame..

do you see the circle - circle thingy? yeah.. that's bokeh ;)
isn't that just cool? uwyeah.


Hmm, let's talk about tv shows, here are my favorite tv shows!

1. Gossip Girl.

2. Glee.

3. 90210.

I'm not into American Idol, i don't know why.

well sorry for posting too many pictures! CHAOx. don't forget to put comments and fill up my cbox!

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