Thursday, April 1, 2010

there's this new version of me.

hey bloggers

THANK Goodness the exams were all done today. i am excited. definitely excited. going to hany's bday tomorrow. so let see what happens the day after today. well, the national exams were not as i thought like it would be. but i can do it all, which i've been really thankful to all the books (?) exercises & my teacher!!

so i really really need to catch up on things on this cyber world, i need to update my blogger and of course tumblr. haven't exactly touch it since a month ago i think. well, don't forget to check it out people ( don't forget to follow too! thanks erh!

anyways, i went to jakarta (emm, did i tell you about this already?) i bought diana f+, oh gosh i love it so much!!!! i'll post you the picture later... it has this blue, pink & yellow color. ME LOVE IT. muah!

anyways, i've been watching gossip girl like since 5 or 6 days ago. done with season 1, and i'm watching season 2 now. hmm, i now i'm late duh... lol, but that's fine huh? and i think blair is way way better with chuck than markus. and serena is better without dan.


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