Thursday, April 29, 2010

here we go, welcome to my funeral.

hello strangers hello lovers,
i'm back from jakarta. i got no good or bad news, so let's just start about what i'm going to post today. well just gonna inform that the wedding was okay, many guests, many foods & stuffs.
And sorry i couldn't make it to your bday party Adelsha, aww, i wish i could :'(
Well as i promise, these are some pictures i've edited with some bokeh effects, not that good, i'm just a beginner in these kinda stuff.


Tomorrow is the farewell thingy with the 7th & 8th graders, wow.. that's fast don't you think? yes. i'll be leaving this school soon well if i pass and i hope i do!!! OH JESUS CHRIST i love you please make me pass! with definitely good scores!! I'm begging you, like please!!!!!! okay stop talking about this crap, or i'll make myself die sooner waiting for the results and FYI the results are on Monday! oooh hoooooly gosh. wish me luck people! i'm waiting and begging for you blessings and prayer.

Sorry for the quick post, i made something like this around 3 of them. damn blogger and the font thingy. i'll be posting more!

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