Saturday, April 10, 2010

I won't tell anyone how your voice is my favourite sound.

Just got home from school, batam is freakin hot! To be honest even though you've turned on the AC, it's still is hot.. NO LIE PEOPLE! And, i have no idea why these couple days my house have been full of mosquitos and i certainly hate them, because of those stupid little thing i have to scratch my hands, my legs, and mostly everything. That sucks to the core. Anyway, went to megamall last Saturday, met many people there, well nothing much, at first we wanted to finish our Physics project but turns out the laptop didn't work which i don't know why, and so we just talk & gossip about things, well as i said.. nothing much.

AND, thank you so much Kak Riza for the earphone! i heart it, no lie! real talk :)

Thankyou, I LOVE YOU.


"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
- Abraham Lincoln

uuu, i haven't told you guys that i've watched The Lovely Bones huh? I learned something from that movie, i learned that i could leave this world like every moment, i could even die now.. That's why i should probably thank God for creating someone who could invent Facebook, i thank god for it, or maybe Twitter, yes. Thanks GOD, twitter is a LOT of fun! Or maybe Skype? or Yahoo? Or probably Blogger? Yeah, thanks for all those creative fun cool and interesting sites. I also realize that i should be thankful for my life.. thanks for great parents i have, for this awesomely naughty but funny brother, for my blackberry *i heart it so much!* and thanks for everything. I LOVE YOU. I maybe sometimes like to wonder why life could be that hard?
But that's what life is.. It's unfair, so get used to it and i'm trying my best to getting used to it myself.


And.. Couple days ago i tried this bulp effects from my dslr and it works! i thought it's not going to work, it happened in accident!

so that's the bulp effects looks like, i didn't took that picture fyi. can't wait for more bulp effects. anyway, if you're wanting to try something like this try it at night, it'll will perfectly with anything with lights.


Sooooo into camera(s) these days, especially lomo(s). they're just too cool to be true :D
i have 2 lomo camera(s) ---> 1 diana f+ cmyk, and 1 holga red & white. Haven't used the holga, but i've tried the diana f+, but i have no idea about the pictures i took, how it will look, or whatsoever.

And now i'm craving for polaroids.... aaaa, i want one momaaa :(


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