Friday, April 2, 2010


HELLO, back again, i'm in such a bad mood and never thought that it would light up my mood for blogging. well, going to post about this ---> what to do when you're having such a bad mood!

1. Get a drink,
well... i'm not talking alcohol drinks or what so ever. i'm just saying a drink, something chilly, so you could maybe calm down and chill your head. this really works for me. when i'm in a bad mood i used to drink iced tea, or maybe lemon tea. well, coke isn't so bad if you have one in your fridge. or, maybe you could use a cappuccino. yeah, it's yummy. and you can stayed up doing things you want, but not that long.

2. Listen to some songs,
Yes this is what i do the most when i'm such in a bad mood, or maybe i'm having a hard day.. some songs are just a mood booster for some people, well people like me, the one who gets bored so easy weesy! haha. you could switch your iPod or maybe mp3 on a shuffle mode and you could hear songs that you would never thought you have on your portable song keeper.

3. Go get a book to read,
Reading is one of my hobby, i like to read books, novels comics and stuffs. it's really fun thing to do, just by reading a book could make you laugh, cry, smile, and those other feelings. you could just step by to the nearest book store, or you could just read your mom and dad's books. their books weren't that bad. in fact, they could all be as interesting as your book does!

4. EAT,
oh yes, this is the second best thing to do. well, if you're too skinny, you better eat a lot. haha, if you're medium, you could still eat. but if you think you're over weighted, then don't. i like to eat chips and stuffs when i'm bored. or maybe you could grab a frozen yogurt with fruits and stuffs as the toppings, for healtier version for sure. or maybe kit - kat and chocolate chips? or maybe burgers and fries? aaah, my favorite! cereals and pancakes will do too. anything you like to eat, just grab it!

like this is the most thing people do, teenagers, kids, adults even when they're 60 above! if you're a boy, you could play online games. i know boys like these kinds of things. and for you girls, you could check out the social sites they provided, like facebook (and i know most of the teenagers have an account on facebook) you could upload your holidays pictures, your baby pictures, your new pictures etc. and you could blog something, you know when you have blogger, tumblr, wordpress and stuffs you could just make a post. right something you wanted to right. don't worry what people will think about after reading your blog, of what people will do after reading it. that's yours and you could always do something about it, like what am i doing right now, having my self caught up infront of the computer writing post that people will get bored of reading it. but whatevs. lol. and you could google-ed something, find important things from wikipedia, but beware of porns people haha :p

6. Go get your boyfriend or girlfriend!
as you're now pronounced as his/her beloved boy/girlfriend got get him/her. if you're a guy, treat her, make your and her evening special. you could do something special that you have never did before, you could have this picnic in the afternoon and gazing on the stars at night. or maybe you could just rent movies and having fast food dinner with her. or maybe you could share some problems with her as she is now your girlfriend and your bestfriend ;)
and if you're a girl, you could buy food and bring him as a surprise, you could go to his house and have dinner with his family, or maybe you could spend your time with him at the mall.

7. Go get your friends!!
umm, this is what people do when they're not doing anything. they party with their friends, go shopping together, sharing secrets, or maybe just having a cup of tea at the new coffee shop in town, and hanging out with friends every weekend.

8. Rent & buy movies!
You could use a day to rent movies and watch it until night. that's what i do on holidays, and you should try it. you could buy new movies the teatre haven't released, or you could just buy a tv show that your city wouldn't have provided. anything you want to. it's like more cheaper.

9. Play with your pets.
i know most of you guys have pets right in your house? well, i do have one. but not again :( aww, too bad huh? you could maybe get your pet a wet bath, or maybe just cuddle with it in your room.

well that's the all 9 things you could at least do when you're not in the mood or bored..
CHAOxxx. and sorry for the long non sense post!

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