Sunday, April 18, 2010

darling i want you here.

hello again strangers,
i'm having the practical exam right now. well thank god it all went well, except the physics one, let's just not talk about it okay? at least i can do the others. *fingers crossed*
okay moving on.. am now searching some stuffs on google and wikipedia about leopards. it's my topic for tomorrow's presentation, i'm so fucking lazy to do it but what can i say? i have to. sadly. you guys are so lucky (who ever who's not having sucha long month doing exam exam exam and exam) but don't worry, you guys won't be lucky that long, cause in 4 days every shits are going to be ended! YES YES CAN'T FUCKING WAIT FOR IT. it's freedom, something i haven't really felt these few months. AND YES, i am going to that universal fucking studios in singapore! wohoo. woots.

anyway, i have no idea why but i guess i'm getting fatter. well i think so, not so sure but i really wanted to have those models kind of type of body!! don't you think that they're so lucky to have sucha nice body? tall, skinny, beautiful. gah, i can't say barely anything except perfect.


can't wait for the farewell party. it's going to be a blast (i think) so many things that i would like to say, but i got no time.. so i'll post back ASAP! promise.

well, not going to most many things. i'll be back after the practical exam! \m/

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