Thursday, April 1, 2010

what did i spend my money on?

hello lovesxxxxxxxxx

got no topics sooooooo it should be fine to talk about this topic.
what did you all spend your money on? well i know what did i spend my money on these days..

well i spend my money on:
1. books (magazines, comics, novels)
2. clothes (such as dresses, jeans & stuffs)
3. shoes (can't live without this, duh.)
4. top ups (erhh? this is like the thing we spend our money on the most. agree? OH YES)
5. foods (well we do need to buy food at school or where ever we are)
6. movie tickets (well who doesn't? everyone did.)
7. DVD, CD etc (we need entertainment don't we? yes we do.)
8. electronics (such as iPod, iTouch, laptop, cameras, PSP, NDS, etc)

this is like most teenagers spend their money's on. well i spend my money on those things too. i am trying to save my money to buy more important things, but what can i do? i'm still a kid. i need those things. going to save up my money for the future later.... TEE HEE :p

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